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Monster Hunter 4G

Famitsu Scans for 10-02-14

Good information in this issue today.

  • Info on changes to the Online mode, including better room setup/seaches and the RETURN OF THE KICK FROM ROOM OPTION!
  • Some stuff on the Great Elder of Dondruma. G Rank quests will be taken from the upper pavilion of Dondruma.
  • Some new attacks of monsters shown off. Nerscylla Subspecies coming up from the sands similar to an antlion, and Yian Kut-Ku being able to pick up and throw Konchu at hunters.
  • Our glorious friend Steve (Seruregiosu), including an awesome render of his Rage Mode.
  • Explanation of his special ailment; Laceration (裂傷). When you’re affected by this status, you will take damage when doing certain actions. Running, rolling, and attacking will all cause you to take damage due to bleeding. You won’t take damage when walking though. To recover, you must eat a Well-Done Steak or crouch for awhile.
  • As for his weapons, they have a special effect where evading monster attacks will restore some of your Sharpness. This is basically the Stylish (巧流) skill from Frontier.
  • For Steve’s Bowguns every time you roll, your gun automatically loads in one more bullet of your currently selected type.
  • Steve’s Bow will have a Close-Range Coating power up.

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